Trusted by lab-planners, designers and architects around the globe for over 30 years

Simmons Epoxy - American Manufacturer of fine laboratory grade epoxy resin sinks

Epoxy Products


Made with a premium resin formulation and the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry. Same great chemical resistance and physical properties that epoxy is known for, now lighter and more dimensionally accurate. Designed to be fitted in drop-in or undermount configurations.


Simmons’ epoxy resin cupsinks are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of fume hood environments, providing strength, chemical resistance and thermal stability in challenging laboratory settings. Available in a range of colors, explore our range of epoxy resin cupsinks today to address the stringent needs of your laboratory’s fume hood applications.

Drop-In Sink & Drainers

Simmons’ drop-in sink and drainer tops offer a functional solution to the challenge of machining drain grooves in phenolic worksurfaces. Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, these epoxy sink options seamlessly integrate into laboratory workspaces, ensuring efficient drainage and operational value. Discover how Simmons provides innovative solutions to enhance your laboratory environment with our range of drop-in sinks and drainer tops.


Enhance the efficiency and functionality of your lab setup with Simmons’ selection of essential accessories. From sink outlets to marine edge products, our range of accessories is specifically designed to streamline workflow and ensure seamless integration with our sink products. Explore our collection today.


Simmons Epoxy Sinks have been trusted by lab-planners, designers, and architects around the globe for over 30 years. In-house resin formulation and modern manufacturing techniques enable us to produce an epoxy sink which is lighter, stronger and more geometrically accurate than ever before. Explore the technical resources below and discover how our commitment to excellence in epoxy resin translates into superior performance and durability for your laboratory needs.

Why Choose Simmons?

Chemical Resistant

As cast by Simmons, epoxy resin is a solid, homogenous, non-porous material, offering exceptional resistance to all common acids, alkalis and solvents. It’s suitable for the harshest laboratory environments and guaranteed to maintain its appearance for many years.


Epoxy resin products, are designed to withstand heavy usage and maintain their structural integrity over time. Simmons epoxy resin sinks offer a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements, providing excellent value for investment.


Simmons epoxy resin offers a non-porous surface that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. This makes it easy to clean and decontaminate, ensuring a sterile environment in laboratory settings.

Versatility & Design Flexibility

Simmons epoxy sinks provide a viable, versatile solution with both drop-in and under mount (requires a sink support system) sinks in several sizes and a variety of color options to fit most every need.

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